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General Nursing School, the First Step to Be the Real Nurse

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In the present era, many nurses are interested in taking more courses or nursing education programs in order to have certain specialties. It may be associated with the increasing competition in nursing sector that the nurses are required to have advanced knowledge and skills. Nurses can help people not only in healthcare aspect but also in many other aspects including informatics and patient and family education.

General Nursing Education

Before taking a nursing subspecialty, the nurses have to complete a general nursing education in a nursing school. Duration of the study depends upon the program they take. Diploma Degree or Associate Degree in nursing usually takes three years of full time study, while the Bachelor’s degree in nursing takes 4 years of full-time study. Those who plan to be a General Nurse are suggested to take the 4-year education.

Theoretical Modules

The curriculum generally consists of theory modules and practical/clinical modules. The theoretical classes include classroom lectures, in-campus seminars, training of clinical skills, field visits, and workshop. These sessions aim at preparing the students with a powerful theoretical background before they come into the real working environment.

The theory modules include the basic knowledge and science related to nursing care and medicine as a whole. It includes biology, anatomy, microbiology, chemistry, developmental psychology, and many more. In addition, there are also core or nursing-specific subjects, such as health promotion, nursing care for patients will chronic and acute illnesses, general nursing practice, and nursing research.

Clinical Modules

The real working environment is introduced through the clinical modules. The students were sent for supervised clinical practice in a hospital, a community healthcare setting, or in other relevant healthcare settings.

After completing the general nursing education, the nurses may opt to work as a General Nurse or continue their study to take nursing specialties. For the latter, they have so many options, such as parish nursing, nursing informatics, ophthalmic nursing, radiology nursing, and many more. General Nurse can work in a general practice, a hospital, nursing homes, armed forces, and in many other healthcare institutions.

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